Jasper and the City of Lights
  • Client:Rivers and Wine Studios GmbH
  • Date:To be released in 2023
  • Category:Music / Sound Design / Implementation

„Jasper and the City of Lights“ is a 3rd person, interactive 3D fairy tale that opens the door for players to a strange and mysterious world full of secrets and tales. It is inhabited by enigmatic characters whose stories flash like sparks in the darkness of the Whispering Forest to unmask the secrets of this place.

In late 2019 Marie joined the team of Indie Developer Rivers and Wine Studios GmbH to work on the music, sound design and implementation (FMOD in Unreal) of their Debut Game. At that time the game was called „Upside Drown“. The project went through changes over the years and is still in production, now under the name of „Jasper and the City of Lights“. You can Wishlist it on Steam HERE.

Since the changes in the story resulted in some of the music never seeing the light of day, Marie released an Album with the tracks that were written for Upside Drown as a separate release, with the permission of the Developers. If you like emotional and whimsical music, this is for you.