Maries Music is available on most streaming plattforms and on Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube 

Her latest releases were the soundtracks for „Sticky Business“ – a cozy game with a vibey Lofi Music Sountrack, and „Geo Gods“ with it’s mystical and meditative Backgroundmusic.

Her latest release of orchestral music is the „Knightfall“ Soundtrack for the correspondent Albion Online Update which is available for streaming HERE.

Besides the Game Soundtrack Releases she also released the Album „Dreambound“, which captures an intimate yet lush, mystical, and colorful fictional world and tells a story about grief, love, hope, and so many other things. The music is a blend of electronic and acoustic instruments with emotional melodies and a focus on dense moods. It is available HERE.

Most of her musical game and non-commercial work, ranging from orchestral to electronica, can be found on her Soundcloud-Page.

If you are looking for specific genres or moods, or just want a more convenient interface to browse through her music, you can use her COMPOSERLY PAGE.

It is has a search function sorted by Tags and Genre and looks like this: