When it comes to music and sound for games, you have an effective tool at hand, to create or break a coherent and powerful experience.

For all layers of audio to merge, a broad knowledge of music and sound as well as the technology behind games is key. Having a background as a musician & engineer and a masters degree in sound, specialized in game audio, she has collaborated with companies of various sizes on projects from MMORPGs to Indie.

She started out as a guitarist, violinist and piano player who worked as a freelance audio engineer with bands for years after finishing her Tonmeister Apprenticeship (Deutsche Pop). When she entered the games industry as a freelancing composer and sound designer she was still studying music composition and sound design and focussing her theses specifically on game audio. She finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in „Sound“ at Filmuniversity Babelsberg in 2013 and her Master of Fine Arts Degree in „Sound for Picture“ in 2017, whilst also auditoring the compositional classes of the Filmmusic courses there for the last 3 years as well.

She worked for a variety of customers of different size and focus from germany and europe, including companies like DeepSilver, Stainless Games and Dynamedion and is fluent in Wwise and FMOD.With her love to detail and experience in different styles ranging from electronic over hard’n’heavy to orchestral; and from realistic to cartoony, she can help you get the best out of your project!

Marie is also part of and repepresented by the European Game Composers – a composer collective found by Kai Rosenkranz in 2017.