Albion Online
  • Client:Sandbox Interactive
  • Date:2017
  • Category:Sound Design / Additional Music / Supervision / Implementation

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world with a fully player-driven economy. Marie joined the team as a sound designer in early 2017 and has since been responsible for shaping the audio experience of the game. In her current position as the in-house senior audio designer she is responsible for all the audio features and is constantly working on creating sounds, additional music, voice overs and audio implementation. The game just opened a separate server in Asia and gets a big update every few months, with new content for which she designs the audio, musical features and improves the existing soundscape to bring the audio of the game to a new quality level.

The latest big Update was „Beyond the Veil“ right before the Albion East Launch with the introduction of the new Mists Biom and the City of Brecilien and an update of all the environmental sounds of the Bioms. The improvements were received very positively by the players and there is an article about the Music that Marie contributed which has been released as an addition to the Original Soundtrack to all streaming Plattforms.

There have been numerous Updates that added new music or audio features/improvements to the world of Albion. One of the biggest changes regarding the Audio was the „Lands Awakened“ Update in 2021 for which they traveled to Prague to record the FILMHarmonic Orchestra and added 45 minutes of new music to the game. Here is a behind-the-scenes video where Marie describes the process:

Other updates worth mentioning were:

The Rise of Avalon Update in early 2020 – with the new Corrupted Dungeon Feature and the Mists of Avalon. For this Update Marie also contributed music for these dungeons and biom, which was released as an addition to the original Soundtrack – more info on that can be found in this article.

There is also a „Dev Spotlight“ Article highlighting aspects of her sound design process and the big Weapon Sound Rework in 2019 and a feature about her direction of the Voice Overs which were added in 2018/2019 and covered by the Making Games Magazine in the March/April issue of 2019 were „the Making of Albion Online“ was the Cover Story.

She also created the music and sound design (and mix) for some of the trailers, like the „Rise of Avalon“ Update Trailer:

The latest Update was the „Knightfall“ Patch – with the introduction of Knightfall Abbey, with this gorgeous trailer:

Albion is free to play, for more details on the game go to